Why Bet Online Instead Of Proline

The Odds for Euro 2012 are available online at Bodog Sportsbook.

On the first day of Euro 2012 happening today, there are alot of people wondering why to bet online instead of betting on Proline.  Well if you betting on the Euro 2012 games the answer is simple.  If you want to bet your favourite Euro 2012 Team then you have to take two other games with your team.  Not only is it very hard to win betting on more than one game, its not much fun cheering for other teams that aren’t your team.  Online Betting also gives you more options such as live betting and player props.  People who give their money to proline aren’t real gamblers,  they are pretty much buying lottery tickets with little chance of actually winning.  Get with the times and get an online sportsbook account with Bodog Sportsbook.

Bodog Sportsbook is offering betting oods that are better than proline’s in all three options.(V T H)

View the Euro 2012 odds Bodog is offering here: Bodog Sportsbook.

And at Bodog Sportsbook you can bet on totals for all soceer games. Proline (Ontario) doesn’t offer totals betting on any Euro 2012 or soccer games.

If your serious about betting on Euro 2012 you should also check out 5 Dimes.  They have great odds and your always going to get your money if you cash out.

 Bet at 5dimes

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