Why are the Toronto Blue Jays Games Not on Proline?

Why aren’t there any odds posted for the Blue Jays games recently?

People are asking why the Jays haven’t been on the OLG Proline game list the past few days.  On Tuesday June 17 and Wednesday June 18 there were no Proline odds for the Blue Jays. We suspect the reason for it is because of the uncertainty of the Blue Jays starting pitching. We should know for sure on Friday when the Jays play again. It is difficult for Proline to put up odds for a game when the starting pitcher is unclear since all Proline baseball games have action (meaning if the scheduled pitcher doesn’t start you are stuck with that bet which can be for the good or worse). In the real world of betting you have the option of choosing action or no action on your MLB bets but you don’t when you bet MLB on Proline (just one more reason you are better off betting MLB online).

A great sportsbook to make your MLB bets online is Bodog Sportsbook. They always have odds posted for every Blue Jays game regardless of when the starting pitcher is announced.

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