NFL Proline Pool Week #3 Picks & Results (2012-13 Season)

NFL Proline Pool Picks | Week #3 (Sep 23, 2012):

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In the week #2 NFL Proline pool we saw 5 people predict all 15 games correctly each taking home over $153,000. The upset of the Cardinals over the Patriots (who were 14 point underdogs) didn’t stop 5 people from going perfect. The Week #3 NFL Proline Pool becomes available on Friday September 21, 2012. We will have our picks posted shortly after. Don’t forget we post Free NFL Proline Point Spread Picks throughout the week on our blog. Good luck.

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Our NFL Proline Pool Picks for Week #3:

Proline Pool Picks Week #3

NFL Proline Pool Results Week #3 | Sep 23-24, 2012 :

One person won the week #3 Proline Pool collecting a massive payout of just over $725,00.00. Proline themselves made a nice profit of over $480,000.00. The lone winner picked all 15 games correctly despite numerous upsets. Perhaps he should send the refs working the Green Bay vs. Seattle a game a thank you letter (or buy them new cars).

The winner of the massive $725,000 week #3 Proline pool was Gino DiFelice from Brampton, Ontario. Amazingly, it wah his young daughter that helped him make the picks on his winning ticket.

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