Tips For Betting On Proline Pools | How To Win More

Proline Pools Betting Tips | How To Win More Money

There is no easy way to win when it comes to betting on Proline Pools. In fact, it is very difficult especially since you need to pick every game correctly for the majority of the pools. Here is one tip that will help make you more money if you do win a Proline Pool.

Do not take all of the favorites when picking a Proline Pool.

People love to pick favorites (the teams that are expected to win). By picking all favorites even if you do go perfect and pick every game correctly the payout you receive just isn’t worth it. Be sure to take a few underdogs in your Proline Pool to ensure that if you do win the payout will be worth it. A prime example of this was when the Sep 28, 2013 CFB Proline Pool had a payout of just $22.50.

If you are the type of person who usually takes mostly favorites on your Proline Pools than you would be better off betting a parlay ticket. Proline only allows you to bet up to 6 games but at Bodog Canada they allow you to bet up to 12 games on a single ticket. Plus, when you bet a parlay ticket you know the payout of the ticket right away. You don’t have to wait until the next day hoping you won a lot of money.

Tips For Betting on Proline Soccer Pools

Boxing Games on Proline Pools

Is boxing games a good strategy for winning Proline Pools? Remember, that Proline Pools only payout 60% of the prize pool and because the payout percentage is so low there is no Proline Pools system (like boxing games) that will guarantee you a profit. People like to box games when picking Proline pools thinking it gives them a better chance at winning and it does (for a higher cost) but it is the same thing as buying 10 lotto tickets instead of 1.

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