Proline Odds Comparison For Canada’s Sports Lotteries

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In Canada there are five sports lotteries run by the government. There is Proline Stadium (Atlantic Provinces), Mise-O-Jeu (Quebec), OLG Proline (Ontario), WCLC Sport Select Proline (Western Provinces) and BCLC’s or Sports Action (British Columbia). Now it is no secret that the odds offered by any of the Canadian Proline’s are not very good but what is interesting is the difference in odds and selection of games offered by each of the Proline sports lotteries. We decided to take a look at the odds offered by each of the sports lotteries and compare them. Plus we threw in the Bodog Canada odds. At random we chose the Blue Jays vs. Orioles game on April 23, 2013.

OLG Proline Odds

V+         V        Tie       H        H+       Over-Total-Under
2.00 | 1.60 | 2.50 | 1.80 | 2.00         1.90 | 8.5 | 1.55

Proline Stadium Odds

V+         V       Tie       H        H+        Over-Total-Under
2.30 | N/A | 2.85 | N/A/ | 2.55        1.50 | 7.5 | 1.95

Mise-O-Jeu Odds

V+          V      Tie       H      H+1.5     Over-Total-Under
2.05 | 1.60 | N/A | 1.80 | 1.45           1.80 | 8.5 | 1.60

Sport Select Proline Odds

V+        V      Tie       H        H+        Over-Total-Under
N/A | 1.75 | N/A | 1.65 | N/A           1.80 | 8.5 | 1.60 Odds

V+        V        Tie       H      H+1.5     Over-Total-Under
2.25 | 1.80 | N/A | 1.90 | 1.61          2.00 | 8.0 | 1.80

Bodog Canada Odds

V+        V        Tie       H       H+1.5       Over-Total-Under
2.35 | 1.88 | N/A | 2.04 | 1.65             1.95 | 8.0 | 1.87

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Comparison of Canada’s Proline Odds

As you can see there are many differences in the odds being offered between the different Canadian Proline’s. For example, Proline Stadium does not offer MLB moneyline betting (V & H betting) and the Proline in Western Canada does not offer MLB runline betting (H+ or V+ betting). Proline Stadium and OLG Proline are the only lotteries to offer ties betting for baseball. All of them offer totals betting but there are 3 different totals (7.5, 8.0, 8.5) being offered for the same game. Even the Western Canada Proline has the Orioles as the favorite whereas everyone else has the Blue Jays favored.

Which Proline Has the Best Odds?

#1 – clearly offers the best odds of all of the Proline sports lotteries across Canada. They are offering 1.80 for the road team and 1.90 for the home team whereas all of the other Proline’s are offering around 1.60 for the visitor and about 1.80 for the home team. And the odds for totals betting are much better at as well.

#2 – Proline Stadium (Atlantic Provinces) probably has the second best odds of all of the Proline’s. There V+ odds for the game above is higher than all of the rest (except for Bodog Canada) and when you compare the odds for their MLB ties to those of OLG Proline’s there isn’t much of a comparison.

#3 – WCLC Sport Select ranks at #3. There odds are very close to those of Mise-O-Jeu’s odds but clearly there is no bias in their odds as they have the Canadian baseball team (Blue Jays) as the underdog in this game. Every other Proline has the Blue Jays as the favorite.

#4 – Mise-O-Jeu ranks at #4. Nothing great about the Mise-O-Jeu odds. They have the typical 1.70 / 1.70 pricing for most of their games just like all of the other Proline’s except for PlayNow.

#5 – OLG Proline (Ontario) clearly has the worse odds out of any of the Canadian Proline lotteries. All you have to do is compare the OLG Proline odds to the Proline Stadium Odds (which can be found at and it becomes abundantly clear just how bad their odds are. In our example game above the OLG Odds for V+, Tie, and H+ are all lower than the Proline Stadium odds for the same game. And they are significantly lower.

The Bodog Canada odds were higher than all of the Canadian Proline odds for every single betting option. No surprise there.

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