Bodog Canada Now Offering NHL 3 Way Betting

Good news for NHL bettors as Bodog Canada is now offering NHL 3 way betting (also known as regulation time betting). Up until recently there was no NHL regulation time betting at Bodog but currently they are offering 3 way NHL lines for every game.

Now at Bodog Canada for any NHL game you can bet on the visitor to win in regulation time, the home team to win in regulation time, or you can bet on the game to go into overtime. If you bet on the visiting or home team to win in regulation time they must be winning (by 1 goal or more) at the end of the 3rd period or you do not win the bet. Winning this type of bet is harder but in return you receive a better price (higher odds).

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Let’s take a look at an example.
On April 24, 2013 the LA Kings were playing in Detroit.

Moneyline Odds:
Kings: 2.20
Red Wings: 1.71

Regulation Time or NHL 3 Way Odds:
Kings to win in regulation time (60 minutes): 2.90
Red Wings to win in regulation time (60 minutes): 2.25
Game to go into overtime: 3.50

As you can the Red Wings are paying 1.71 (or -140) to win on the moneyline. But if we take the Red Wings to win in regulation time we get much higher odds of 2.25 (or +125). Regulation 3 Way hockey lines are great for betting when you like a team to win but the odds for them to win are not very high. If you ever bet on NHL teams to win by 2 or more goals (known as puckline betting) you may want to consider a regulation time bet instead.

FYI: Proline does not offer NHL 3 Way or NHL regulation time betting.

Bet on 1 game or parlay as many as 12 games at Bodog Canada.

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