NFL Preseason Proline Betting | NFL Preseason Proline Picks

NFL Pre-season Proline Betting

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After a long summer we finally have some NFL to bet on. Mind you, it is pre-season and is pretty hard to predict but nonetheless it is NFL football.

All of the Proline lotteries across Canada post odds for NFL pre-season games but you are still required to pick 2 or 3 games and on most you can`t bet straight up winners (you need to win by 4 on Proline or it is a tie). However, if you place your bets online at Bodog Canada you can bet on single games (or as many as 12) and you get much higher odds.

Have a look at Bodog Canada to get all the latest matchups and odds for all  NFL Preseason NFL games.

Bet on 1 game or as many as 12 games at Bodog Canada.

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