Can I Play Proline Pools Online?

Proline Pools Online

Perhaps the most popular form of Proline betting are the Proline Pools (especially the weekly NFL Proline pools). Therefore, a lot of people are wondering if it is possible to play Proline pools online.

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Only OLG Proline in Ontario and WCLC Proline in Western Canada offer Proline pools. Neither the Ontario or Western Canada Proline’s offer online betting so no you cannot play Proline Pools online anywhere’s in Canada. The Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, and B.C. have online Proline betting but none of them offer Proline pools betting.

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Essentially a Proline Pool is just a regular Proline ticket that allows you to bet more than six games. So if we were to bet a 10 game Proline or 12 game Proline it is basically the same as a Proline Pool (and you know the payout up front). Well, at Bodog Canada you can bet up to 12 games (moneylines, totals, and point spreads) so basically by getting a 12 game parlay ticket at Bodog Canada it is similar to buying a Proline pool.

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Plus, buying a 10 or 12 game ticket has some advantages over Proline pools. You are not forced to pick every game. If you are unsure about 1 or 2 games you simply skip those games. And with a 10 or 12 game parlay you know the payout as soon as you get the ticket and often times the payout on a 12 game parlay is more that what the Proline pool pays out (remember Proline Pools only payout 60% of the prize pool).

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