NFL Proline Odds For Week #4 | Sep 26-30, 2013

NFL Proline Odds & Picks For Week #4

Here are the Week #4 NFL Odds.

Week #4 kicks off with the Thursday night game on Sep 26 between the 49ers (-3.5) and the Rams (+3.5). Other big games on the week include the Seahwaks (-3) at the Texans and the Sunday nighter featuring the Patriots (+1.5) vs. the Falcons (-1.5).

Note: There were no Proline odds posted for the Washington Redskins vs. Oakland Raiders game on Wednesday (likely due to possible injuries like RG3). They should be available later in the week. Vegas has the Redskins as a -2.5 point favorite.

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Week#4 V & H Proline Point Spread Odds & Our Picks:

Visitor V Spread Home H Spread Pick
SF -3.5 STL +3.5 SF
BAL -3.5 BUF +3.5 BUF
ARZ +3.0 TB -3.0 ARZ
PIT -1.0 MIN +1.0 MIN
NYG +4.5 KC -4.5 KC
IND -9.5 JAX +9.5 IND
SEA -3.0 HOU +3.0 SEA
CIN -4.5 CLE +4.5 CIN
CHI +2.5 DET -2.5 CHI
NYJ +3.5 TEN -3.5 NJY
PHI +11.5 DEN -11.5 PHI
DAL 2.5 SD +2.5 DAL
NE +1.5 ATL -1.5 ATL
MIA +6.5 NWO -6.5 MIA

*Proline Odds that were posted 9/25/13. The cut-off date for these odds is 9/26/13. Proline will release new odds (but many of the odds will not change) on 9/27/13.

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