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When do the NFL Proline Odds come out?

Proline typically releases their NFL Proline odds for the upcoming week on Wednesdays. People can bet on these odds up until midnight on Thursday. On Friday Proline releases new NFL odds which may or may not be different from their original NFL odds.

Why does Proline change their NFL Odds?

As more information (such as injury reports) becomes available throughout the week this can affect the betting lines. Therefore, Proline gives themselves the option of adjusting their lines. Of course they also have the option of taking any game off the board at any time as well.

What kind of NFL bets does Proline Offer?

Proline offers their regular odds in which you must choose between three outcomes (Visitor, Tie, Home). If you choose the visitor of home option your team must win by 4 points or more. A Tie is a game decided by 3 points or less. You have to play between 3-6 games.

Proline also offers NFL point spread betting. Proline sets the point spread and you must decide what team (visitor or home) will cover the spread. There are only two outcomes in point spread betting but the odds are lower. You must select at least three games.

Are the Proline NFL Point Spread Odds Fair?

Proline also offer NFL Proline Pools betting. Proline has 1 NFL Proline Pool each week for the Sunday and Monday games. Each pool cost $5. You must pick the straight up winner for each game. The person (people) with the most wins share the prize pool. Typically, you need to pick every game correctly unless there are a bunch of upsets.

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Proline also offer NFL props betting. NFL Proline props are typically available for the Thursday and Monday nights games and a game or two on Sunday as well. Proline lists 12 or so props with corresponding odds and you must choose the over or under for the prop. You must select at least 3 props. Learn more about sports props betting.


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