Proline Now Has NHL Pro-Pick Props

New for the 2013-14 NHL season are the NHL Proline Props. Proline bettors can now wager on hockey props similar to the football props we are use to. The first NHL Proline Prop card is card #88 for the red Wings vs. Hurricanes game on Oct 4, 2013 and features a few player props and a few team props. It has total shots on goal for individual players and total faceoffs won per player and has total hits, saves, and penalty minutes for the teams.

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What Do You Think of the New NHL Pro-Pick Props?

We don’t mind some of the options like betting on a player’s shots on goal for the game or total saves for a goaltender but some of the other props seem quite ridiculous. Who wants to bet on the total number of faceoffs won by a player or the total penalty minutes for a team. These seem a bit far fetched to us. Of course we don’t like being forced to bet on a minimum of three props and we certainly don’t like the low odds offered by Proline. We prefer to bet NHL Props at Bodog Canada. They allow single game prop betting and give you much better odds. Here are the Current NHL Player Prop Odds and the Current NHL Team Prop Odds (odds are typically avaiable a few hours before the start of the game).

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