Proline Picks & Odds For Nov 4, 2013

Proline Odds For Nov 4, 2013

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There are just a few games on the schedule for 11/04/13. There are two afternoon soccer matches and just two NHL games in the night. Plus, we have the NFL Monday nighter. Below are today’s Proline odds.

2:45 PM: SCR CHV @ BLG  3.60 3.00 1.85  Bet Soccer Total at Bodog Canada
4:00 PM: SCR VIL @ ELCH  1.95 3.00 3.30  Bet Soccer Total at Bodog Canada
7:30 PM: HKY ANA @ NYR 2.30 1.65 6.00 1.85 2.60     1.55  5.0  1.90
8:00 PM: HKY DET @ WPG 2.10 1.55 6.00 2.00 2.80     1.90  5.5  1.55
8:30 PM:  FTB CHI @ GB 7.50 5.20 4.00 1.20 1.40     1.60  50.5  1.80

Soccer Bettors: Proline has Soccer odds for just 2 games today. Bodog Canada has Soccer odds for more than 30 games today. Here are today’s Soccer Odds.

It is no secret that the Proline Odds are bad. Here are the real Vegas odds:

NFL Odds | NHL Odds | Soccer Odds

Proline Picks For Nov 4, 2013

Not a lot of games to choose from but there are a few we like. We’ll start with the Over in the Monday nighter. Both teams give up a lot of points and we think that continues tonight. The Bears are without Cutler but they still put up 41 points in there last game with McCown at QB. In hocey we’ll take a shot with the Jets The Red Wings finish up a 4 game Canadian West Coast road trip and will play there 3rd game in 4 nights. The Wings have won the first three but we think they run out of steam tonight. Our last pick is the New York Rangers.The Ducks finish off a grueling 8 game road trip tonight and will be happy to get thisgame over with. The Rangers are banged up but our playing much better now that they are back home.

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Our Proline Picks For 11/04/13:

Bears vs.Packers OVER 50.5 Points (1.60)
The JETS to beat the Red Wings (2.00)
The RANGERS to beat the Ducks (1.85)

a $25 three game Proline ticket with these picks pays $148.00.

We prefer to bet single games at Bodog Canada.

Bet on NHL, NFL, or Soccer & Receive a 100& Bonus!

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