College Basketball Proline Betting & Odds

Here are the Current CBK Odds.

The 2013-14 College Basketball season gets under way Nov 8, 2013.

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The CBK futures odds once again have Kentucky as the favorite to win it all. However, they were also the favorite heading into last season and didn’t even make it into NCAA tournament. Currently Kentucky lead the way as 7/2 favorites to win it all, followed by Kansas at 5/1, Louisville at 15/2, and Duke at 9/1. Here is the complete list of CBK Futures Odds.

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About CBK Proline Betting

As you probably know by now OLG Proline does not offer any NBA betting but they do offer betting on U.S. College Basketball. For the regular Proline CBK bets your team must win by 6 or more points. A game decided by 5 points or less is considered a tie. They also offer CBK point spread betting and CBK Proline pools. The downside of betting CBK on Proline is that they do not offer betting on every CBK game and the odds they offer are much lower than the odds you would get in Vegas or at a sportsbook. See for yourself. Here are the Current College Basketball Odds.

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