Proline Pools Tie Rule

Proline Pools – What happens when there is a tie game?

Occasionally there will be a tie game for the one of the games you choose on your OLG Proline Pool. One example of this is a tie in an NFL game which we see maybe once every year or two. One would assume that if there is a tie game that everyone would be credited with a correct pick. However, this is not the case. Whenever, there is a tie game the visitor is credited with the win. Why is the visitor graded the winner? OLG Proline offers no reasoning for this rule and quite frankly there can’t be any good reason for it. If the underdog was given the win that would make some sense to us but to arbitrarily declare the visiting team the winner in case of a tie game is quite ridiculous in our opinion (but doesn’t really surprise us).

WCLC also offers Proline Pools in Western Canada and they credit both the visiting and home team with the win in case of a tie. This approach seems more logical to us.

OLG Proline Pools Tie Rule:

The Visitor is Considered The Winner For Proline Pools When There is a Tie Game

WCLC Proline Pools Tie Rule:

Both the Visiting and Home Teams are Credited With a Win

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