Play European Blackjack at Bodog Canada

European Blackjack at Bodog Canada

Play Blackjack at Bodog Canada & Get Up To $200 in Bonuses

Bodog Canada is a great place for playing blackjack (or 21 as some call it) because they offer so many different types of the popular game. One of the popular Blackjack variations is European Blackjack.

European Blackjack Rules

In a standard game of Blackjack the dealer receives both of their cards (the face-up card and their hole card) before any player actions. In European Blackjack the dealer does not receive their second card until all of the player’s actions have been completed. Six decks are used for European Blackjack at Bodog Canada. For complete details visit the Bodog Canada Casino.

Play European Blackjack at Bodog Canada & Get Up To $200 in Bonuses

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