2014 Super Bowl Prop Bets

2014 Super Bowl Prop Bets

Bet on Super Bowl 48 and Receive a 100% Bonus

Bodog Canada recently released over 300 prop bets for the 2014 Super Bowl and they will be releasing a few hundred more leading up to Super Bowl 48 on Feb 2. Proline has not released any Super Bowl prop bets yet but they will be offering Super Bowl Pro Pick Prop cards (probably a day or so before the Super Bowl). We will post the Proline props here when they are released. Let’s take a look at some of the Bodog Canada Super Bowl 48 team and player props.

Betting on the coin toss for the Super Bowl is always a good way to get the game going. Bodog Canada currently has 4 different prop bets on just the coin toss alone. Even before that you can make a prop bet on the singing of the national anthem. They have a bunch of props for this as well. But the best props are when the game begins. You can bet on who will score the first touchdown, how the first TD will be scored (a Seahawks rushing TD is paying 6.00), which team will score first, and lots more. Here are all of Bodog’s 2014 Super Bowl Team Props.

Then we have the Super Bowl player props. There are hundreds of these too and you can bet on just about anything imaginable. Just about every player is listed and you can bet on how many passing yards they will have, how many rushing yards, how many tackles, how many sacks, and so on. Here are all of Bodog’s 2014 Super Bowl Team Props.

Bet on the Super Bowl and Receive a 100% Bonus

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