How To Bet On The Super Bowl With OLG Proline

How To Bet The Super Bowl With OLG Proline

OLG Proline (Ontario’s Proline) requires that you bet on a minimum of three outcomes. The Proline odds for the Super Bowl only have two possible outcomes. Either, Visitor, Tie, or Home Team and either the Over or the Under. Because the Super Bowl is so popular most other sports don’t have games on the same night of the Super Bowl which poses a problem for Ontario Proline bettors. If you miss the afternoon hockey or basketball games (or your tickets didn’t get through) you have the option of betting on the Super Bowl only if you pick a ticket with one of the soccer games on Monday (if there are any). Proline also will be offering prop cards for the Super Bowl. These are your only options for betting on the Super Bowl with Proline in Ontario. You can’t even bet on the point spread for the Super Bowl with OLG Proline because there is only one football game (the Super Bowl) and they do not allow you to mix sports with point spread betting (which makes no sense whatsoever).

A better option for betting on the Super Bowl is Bodog Canada. They offer single game betting on the Super Bowl (including point spread betting), have hundreds of props for the big game, and offer live in-game betting as well. Plus, they are offering a 100% Sign-Up Bonus up to $200 for new players. Visit Bodog Canada for complete details.

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