Proline Betting For The 2014 Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics are under way and Proline sports bettors are looking to make a wager. Does Proline offer betting on the 2014 Olympics? The answer is yes and no. Both ALC (Atlantic Provinces) and WCLC (Western Canada) do offer betting on some Olympics sports including hockey. However,

OLG Proline in Ontario does not offer any 2014 Winter Olympics Betting

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Again, OLG Proline proves that is likely the worse of the Provincial lotteries to bet sports on. The OLG odds are usually lower than the ALC or WCLC Proline odds and the selection of games and betting options is obviously worse. Hell, nobody in Ontario wants to bet on the Olympic hockey games right? Fortunately, Ontario residents and all of Canada can bet on the 2014 Winter Olympics at Bodog Canada.

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