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What are open parlays?

Open parlays are a special type of parlay bet (or combination bet) that allow you to bet on games that take place on different days. Have you ever wanted to bet on two sports games or more that are being played on different days? If so, open parlays allow you to do just that. Here’s an example. You could start a parlay with an NHL game on Saturday night, then pick a soccer game on Sunday, an NBA game on the following Wednesday, and close it out with another NHL game on Thursday. Open parlays are a great way of betting because they offer you so much flexibility in picking your bets.

Make Open Parlay Bets at 5 Dimes Sportsbook

How do open parlays work?

You start out by picking at least 1 game from the available odds. You then have to choose how many open spots you want on your parlay. Then you fill in those open spots whenever you want (later that day or later that week). Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you want to place a 6 game parlay but you only like 2 games from the available odds. You would start an open parlay and make a selection for the two games that you like and would select 4 open spots. If you got the first two games on your parlay correct it would carry over with 4 open spots. You could then fill in those open spots with games that you like on future dates. At 5 Dimes Sportsbook your open parlays never expire so you don’t have to rush and make your picks. You can make 1 pick a day or 1 pick a week in filling up your open spots.

Make Open Parlay Bets at 5 Dimes Sportsbook

Where can I place open parlay bets?

Most sportsbooks do not offer open parlays. Our favorite sportsbook for betting open parlays is 5 Dimes Sportsbook. At 5 Dimes you can have up to 24 open spots on your parlay, your open parlays never expire, and they allow open parlays for teaser bets as well. Plus, at 5 Dimes they allow you to parlay all different kinds of bets (props, moneyline bets, point spread bets, first half bets, halftime bets, UFC fights, team total bets, etc.). Visit for complete details.

If you have ever played ESPN’s Streak for the Cash (or a similar pick ’em contest) and got a long streak going then you would enjoy open parlay betting.

Make Open Parlay Bets at 5 Dimes Sportsbook

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