Tips For Betting World Cup Proline Pools

Tips For Betting World Cup Proline Pools

When betting World Cup Proline Pools or Soccer Proline Pools people often forget the tie rule. This is especially important for Soccer because there are so many ties. Remember, if there is a tie in a Proline Pool the win goes to the visitor. This means that if you take the home team in a World Cup or Soccer match they have to win outright. If the game is a tie the visiting team is declared the winner for Proline Pool purposes. Yes, this is a stupid rule but it is the rule. Therefore,

Take a Lot of Visiting Teams When Picking World Cup Proline Pools

Remember, At Bodog Canada you can parlay up to 12 games. This is similar to picking a Proline Pool except you get better odds and you can decide what games you want to bet on.

Bodog Canada is currently offering a 100% Bonus for new sports bettors. Bodog Canada is a great place for betting on the World Cup as they offer a wide selection of bets. See below for some of the current World Cup betting odds.

Odds to Win the 2014 World Cup

Odds: Individual Matches of the 2014 World Cup

Odds: 2014 World Cup Group Winners

2014 World Cup Team Props | 2014 World Cup Player Props

2014 World Cup Props & Specials

Bet on the 2014 World Cup & Receive a 100% Bonus

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