NFL Survivor Pool Betting Tips & Strategy

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Tips To Help You Win Your NFL Survivor Pool

In order to win your NFL Survivor Pool (or suicide pool as some call it) you are definitely going to need luck on your side but here are some tips and strategies to help you along your way and hopefully help you win your survivor pool.

Take the team you think has the best chance of winning that week

Sounds simple right. However, many people like to save the top teams for late in the season and not waste a pick on them right away. It doesn’t make sense to save the Patriots for week #17 if Brady gets hurt and isn’t playing or they already clinched home field throughout the playoffs and Brady is going to be rested. Don’t let your ego get in the way and just make the smart pick.

Avoid the Thursday night games

I’ve read several stats that show the favourites win a lot less on Thursday night. It likely has to do with the short week for the players. Unless it is clearly the best pick of the week try and stay away from the Thursday nighter in your survivor pool.

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Stay away from bad spots

If a team played in the Monday night game the previous week you may want to avoid them the following week. They will be playing on shorter rest than the other team giving the other team a slight advantage which can make the difference. Stay away from teams travelling across the country or through several time zones. This has been known to result in sluggish efforts from teams.

Pay attention to the bye weeks

Betting against a team coming off a bye week is probably overblown but it has to make at least a small difference. With 14 to 16 games on the schedule every week it usually isn’t necessary to bet against fresh teams coming off of a bye. On the other hand if the team you like is coming off a bye give them a little extra consideration.

Always look at the point spreads 

The people setting the NFL point spreads are the experts and know more than you and I put together. You don’t always have to choose the biggest favourite every week but you should at least know who the experts think has the best chance of winning.

Here are NFL This Week’s NFL Point Spread Odds

Wait until you finalize your pick

Don’t be in a hurry to make your pick. Many survivor pools allow you to change your pick up until the last minute but if they don’t than you should be waiting until Sunday morning to make your pick and be double checking that none of your team’s important players are hurt or suspended.

Home teams, home teams, home teams

Home field advantage plays a huge role in the NFL. It is rare that I would ever pick a road team in a survivor pool. Always look to the home side first.

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