New OLG Proline Website…Finally

New Proline Website

OLG Proline has finally updated their website. For as long as one can remember the Proline website has looked the same. Now it has a modern look but is it any better.

The new OLG Proline website definitely looks better but there are a few things that we don’t like. On the old Proline website you could see 10-15 games without even scrolling down. On the new Proline website you can only see 3-5 games. We find it difficult scrolling through all of the games (especially on the weekends with so many of them). Yes, your selection shows on the right hand side so you can keep track of which games you picked but we preferred the old setup for listing the games.

The old Proline website is still up but will likely be replaced the new one. The old Proline website is now redirecting to the new Proline site. Here are the domains for both Proline sites.

Old Proline site:

New Proline site:

Why the New Proline Website

There has been no official announcement but it probably has something to do with the fact that Proline is not going to be part of OLG’s new online gambling website They have stated that Proline sports betting will not be available for online betting when PlayOLG launches (before the end of 2014). Read more here:

Play OLG Not Offering Proline To Start


The new Proline website looks better but it is too big. You have to scroll up and down too much to see all of the games and results.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Screenshot: New Proline Website

New OLG Proline Website

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