When is Proline Sports Betting Starting on PlayOLG?

By now you probably know that Proline sports betting will not be available when OLG’s new online gambling website PlayOLG launches in late 2014. And you may also know that Proline, online poker, and online bingo were mentioned as future additions to PlayOLG. Now he have more information as to when Ontario residents may be able to make Proline bets online at PlayOLG.ca.

OLG spokersperson Tony Bitoni has said that peer-to-peer online poker (similar to PokerStars) will be in the next phase. He then goes on to say that sports betting (Proline) and bingo are also possible future additions to PlayOLG.

So it appears as though that online poker is on its way but that it may be a long time before we see Proline sports gambling intergrated into PlayOLG. Given that Bitoni uses the phrase “possible future additions” one has to wonder if Proline will ever be available online in Ontario.

As always, Ontario residents can still make their Proline sports wagers at an OLG terminal or at an online sportsbook such as Bodog Canada.

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