Proline Liability Limit Reached

Have you been having a difficult time picking your NFL Proline tickets for the Divisional Playoff games on Jan 10 & Jan 11? If you have been you are not alone. From what we are hearing there has been a lot of money bet on the NFL point spreads for the visiting teams (BAL +7, CAR +10.5, DAL +6, and IND +7). We have one report of someone trying to buy a 4 game point spread ticket with all 4 visiting teams but Proline not allowing the ticket to go through due to their liability limit. Basically, if there is too much money bet on the same combination of games they don’t allow any more bets for that same combination of games. It is hard to believe but it is true. Proline makes $400,000 to $500,00o in profit (not revenue) off of every weekly NFL Proline Pool yet they won’t let you bet on the games that you want to.

At Bodog Canada they don’t have any liability limits. You can bet on 1 game or parlay up to as many as 12 games and they have much better odds than Proline. Visit Bodog Canada for full details.

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