2015 Super Bowl Odds | NE vs. SEA

2015 Super Bowl Odds

Before the AFC and NFC Championship games it was the Seattle Seahawks that were the clear favourite to win the Super Bowl. But after a dominating performance from the Patriots and a miracle win by the Seahawks all of a sudden the Patriots are getting a lot more respect. Taking a look around many of the oddsmakers have this game as a pick ’em but some sportsbooks like Bodog Canada actually have the Patriots as the favourite. Check out the current 2015 Super Bowl Odds here:

Proline Odds | 2015 Super Bowl

The 2015 Proline Super Bowl odds have finally been released. There is no Proline Super Bowl point spread for OLG Proline (Ontario) or WCLC Sport Select (Western Canada) as they do not allow cross sport point spread betting or single game betting (and there is only 1 football game). ALC Proline (Atlantic Provices) has the spread for the Super Bowl set as the Patriots -0.5 point. Here are the Proline Super Bowl Odds:

OLG Proline Super Bowl Odds

V+ V Tie H H+ Over Total Under
 2.80 2.20  2.80 2.40  3.00 1.70  47.5  1.70

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