OLG Proline Pro-Picks 2015 Super Bowl Prop Cards | Card 67 & Card 68

Proline Prop Cards for the 2015 Super Bowl

OLG has released two Pro-Picks Prop Cards for the 2015 Super Bowl (Card 67 and Card 68). Each of the Super Bowl prop cards contains 15 games. When it comes to the Super Bowl 30 prop bets is not a whole lot. Plus, you cannot combine prop bets between the two cards. If you like a few prop bets on card  67 and a few prop bets on card 68 you cannot bet them together.

Where To Bet Super Bowl Props

Bodog Canada has more than 500 Super Bowl Props available for wagering. You can bet on the coin toss, who will win MVP, which player will score the first TD, all of the individual player props, and many more. Take a look through all of their Super Bowl Props here:

OLG Super Bowl Prop Cards:

Proline Super Bowl Prop Cards

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