No Proline Point Spread For Super Bowl 49 | Patriots vs. Seahawks

Proline Super Bowl Point Spread Betting

The Super Bowl is by far the most popular game of the year to bet on. And when it comes to betting on football point spread betting is by far the most popular way of betting. That begs the question, how in the world does OLG Proline not have point spread betting for the Patriots vs. Seahawks Super Bowl. The reason is that they do not allow cross-sport point spread betting and they do not allow single game betting. These rules make it impossible for OLG Proline to have point spread betting for the Super Bowl.

Canadians can make Super Bowl point spread bets online at Bodog Canada. They allow single game betting and give you better odds than Proline. Plus, they have 500+ Super Bowl Props available for wagering and are offering a 100% Free Bet Bonus. Check out the current odds here:

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