Proline College Football Betting & Odds | 2015 Season

Proline College Football Betting

The 2015 College Football season kicks off on Thursday, September 3. Week 1 of CFB features some great matchups including TCU (-15½) vs Minnesota (+15½), Louisville (+11) vs Auburn (-11), Wisconsin (+11) vs Alabama (-11) and Ohio State (-11) vs. Virginia Tech (+11) on Monday night. Check out all of the Week #1 CFB matchups and odds here:

Proline will be offering a few different ways of betting on College Football. They have the regular Proline betting in which your team needs to win by 4 or more or it is considered a tie, they have point-spread betting, and they also offer Proline Pools for CFB. Of course OLG Proline forces you to bet a minimum of 3 games ans the odds they offer are very low when compared to those offered in Las Vegas and at online sportsbooks.

At Bodog Canada you can bet on single CFB games or parlay up to 12 games. They offer competitive betting odds and a wide selection of bets including player and team prop bets, 1st half and 2nd half betting, live betting, and much more. And Bodog Canada is offering a 100% sign-up bonus for new players.

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