Blue Jays Game Not On Proline List

Blue Jays Games Not on Proline?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a certain baseball game is not on the Proline list? When that game is Blue Jays game a lot of people in Ontario tend to notice. On September 12, 2015 the Blue Jays are playing a double header against the Yankees due to a rain out two days earlier. Whenever there is a double header scheduled OLG Proline typically does not offer betting on those games. This is the reason that you cannot bet on either of the Blue Jays games for Sep 12, 2015. It makes no sense to us. Even ALC Proline in the Atlantic provinces is offering betting on both of these Blue Jays games but OLG Proline in Ontario is not. Go figure?

Canadians can bet on every Blue Jays online at Bodog Canada. They offer single game betting, live in-game betting, and have a bunch of player and team prop bets for every game.

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