NBA Proline Pools Betting

As you probably know by now OLG Proline is once again offering NBA betting. In addition to NBA Proline bets they will also be offering NBA Point-Spread betting, NBA Proline Pools and NBA Proline Props. Let’s take a look at how the NBA Proline Pools work.

NBA Proline Pools

A few times a week Proline will offer NBA Proline Pools. Some of the pools will be for all the games for that day while some of the pools will span over two days. Typically there will be 8-12 games on each pool. Each pool costs $5 and you must pick the winner of each game listed on the pool. Typically there will be multiple pools in which players have picked every game correctly but if there are a few upsets occasionally the winning pools will have 1 game that was not picked correctly. It is rare to see winning pools with 2 incorrect picks.

NBA Proline Pools Payout

All of the $5 NBA Proline Pools purchased for a particular pool form a prize pool. The prize pool is paid out to the pools that had the most number of games correct. If there 5 pools that picked every game correctly the prize pool would be split between those 5 players. If nobody picked every game correctly and there were 5 pools with just 1 game wrong those 5 pools would split the prize pool. Here’s the catch. Proline only pays out 60% of the prize pool back to the players with the winning pools and keeps 40% of the prize pool for themselves.

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