2020 Super Bowl Proline Odds | 49ers vs. Chiefs

Bet on the Super Bowl and Get a 100% Bonus

2020 Super Bowl Odds | 49ers vs. Chiefs

The betting odds for the 2020 Super Bowl opened with the Kansas City Chiefs as a slight favourite (-1) over the Kansas City Chiefs and slightly more money has been coming in on the Chiefs pushing the line to -1.5 at a few of the sportsbooks. . Check out the current betting odds for the 2020 Super Bowl here:

2020 Super Bowl Odds

2020 Proline Super Bowl Odds

To be announced. As of Jan 25 OLG Proline still has not released their betting odds for the 2020 Super Bowl.

At Bodog Canada they offer moneyline betting, point spread betting, live in-game betting, single game betting and have hundreds or prop bets for the Super Bowl. Plus, they are offering a 100% sign-up bonus for new players. Visit Bodog Canada for complete details.

Super Bowl Odds & Prop Bets

OLG Proline requires that you bet a minimum of 3 games so you will have to include a NHL or NBA game in order to bet on the Super Bowl. There are 3 NHL and 4 NBA games (all early in the afternoon) on Super Bowl Sunday. OLG Proline will release Super Bowl props card as well. There will be no point spread betting for the Super Bowl on OLG Proline as there is only the one FTB game and you can’t mix sports.

Where to Bet on the Super Bowl

Bodog Canada offers a variety of betting options for the Super Bowl. In addition to the point spread, moneyline,  and over / under bets they also offer hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets and even in-game live betting. And unlike Proline, Bodog Canada offers single game betting so you can bet on the Super Bowl without having to throw in a hockey or basketball game. Check out the current 2019 Super Bowl odds here:

2020 Super Bowl Odds

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