Why Are The OLG Proline Baseball Odds For Ties So Low?

Many of you may not have even noticed but the OLG Proline odds for baseball ties are much lower than what they once were. A few years ago a typical odd for a baseball tie on proline was 3.00. Now we are seeing the baseball tie odds as low as 2.10. I e-mailed OLG asking why they lowered the odds for baseball ties and their response consisted off:

“Sports oddsetting always reflects recent statistical performances.  So far, this baseball season has seen many games ending in the range for a Tie and so the Tie odds have been adjusted accordingly.”

“At all times, odds and payout must be carefully managed to ensure that players win the approximately 60% of wagers that we have promised since launching sports games.”

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So basically what they are saying is that people are winning too much (or not losing enough) so they needed to lower the odds for baseball ties. It should be noted that the baseball tie odds have only been lowered by OLG. A look at the Proline Stadium odds for baseball tie’s show them being much higher as evidenced by the OLG Proline odds (Ontario) and Proline Stadium Odds (Atlantic Provinces) for the Sunday night baseball game between the Phillies and Nationals on May 6, 2012. Here is what the odds for this game were:

May 6, 2012| BBL | PHI vs. WSH | OLG Proline Odds

V+ = 2.50     Tie = 2.10     H+ = 2.15

May 6, 2012| BBL | PHI vs. WSH | Proline Stadium Odds

V+ = 2.60     Tie = 2.85     H+ = 2.20

As you can see from the above example the OLG Proline odds for the baseball tie is considerably lower (2.10) compared to Proline Stadium’s odds (2.85). In fact, all three baseball outcomes for Proline are lower than Proline Stadium’s Odds. This is only one game but you can check current games for yourself and will notice this is not an uncommon trend. Just when you thought the Proline odds couldn’t get any worse.

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