When Should You Hit or Stand With a Soft 17? | Blackjack Test

Question #6 – Blackjack Test

6. When should you stand with a soft 17? When should you hit a soft 17? When should you double down?

Answer: Never Stand with a Soft 17. Always Hit It.

When you have 17 you can’t win unless the dealer busts. So unless you are playing to tie then you should never stand with a soft 17. By hitting you are giving yourself a chance to improve on your 17 making it more likely that you’ll win the hand. The worse case scenario is you hit and are forced to stand on another hand like 15 or 16 that can also only win if the dealer busts. There is not that big of a difference (as many people think) between 16 and 17. If the dealer is showing a 3,4,5, or 6 double down with your soft 17, otherwise just hit.

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